We all know books are key to any Pagan path, because they offer different methods and perspectives. They can be practical, such as herb guides and spell books, or philosophical, such as books on tradition and history of any given path.
Unfortunately, it is difficult to find professionally-read recorded books.
A lot of us probably take advantage of the site Bookshare, which provides formats that can be read by JAWS or by the robotic voices provided for Victor software.
For my part, I strongly dislike the fact that as Pagans, the limited number of accessible texts we can find are mainly done this way, and yet books of the three major religions are widely available.
Here are a few suggestions.
One thing I do is purchase books, scan just the table of contents, and refer to this computer document when I wish to look something up. I find that page number, and scan the chapter so I can read it and take a few notes for future reference.
Certain facilities will Braille or record shorter texts, some for free, others for a fee.
Audible carries a guide to Rider-Wait tarot, two books on Wicca, and meditations, but little else.

Wouldn’t it be nice if we spoke with Llewellyn Worldwide, asking them to work with Talking Books to get more texts up on Bard for free, and got them working with other recording studios to get downloadble books on Audible?
This is possible, if we come forward and make a clear, persuasive case in writing. Llewellyn is dedicated to the Pagan community. The other publishing companies want to make a profit (otherwise the audio book industry would not exist). If we appeal to them in these ways, we can get what we need. We deserve quality material.